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From Thai perspective: Muay Thai Part 6

This short video introduces Buatoong Nguamwandee, whose ring name is Sigmanee Sor Kaesamrit.

He started training Muay Thai at the Siripong camp in Surin, and has achieved WMC and Rachadamnoen stadium welterweight championships.

What do you like to do .. when you are not training? I go home and see my family, in my hometown.

Muay Thai has made my name famous, and earn’t me money. But it has also taught me about respect and discipline.

Second snapshot is about Saiyok Pumpanmuang, widely know inside and outside of Thailand. He’s from Kanchanaburi and started training at the Sor Riendek camp in Phitsanulok. He’s currently training on Muay Thai Plaza 2004 at Bangkok - Mr. Pong’s gym. He’s a Lumpinee, Thailand and WMC champion and still fighting despite his age.

What has learning Muay Thai taught you in life? has made me a very strong person. It has let me earn good money, working honestly with my hands, ..I am not a lazy person, I have self discipline and belief.

Third shot is an interview of Sittichai Sitsongpeenong born in Buriram.

What do you do when you are not training, do you see your girlfriend? No, I don’t have one, I don’t go out. I just relax and rest. .. What are you gaining from Muay Thai, just fighting? .. Yes, I have learn’t to be disciplined.

The last shot is an interview of fighter who’s also training at Muay Thai Plaza 2004.

My best fight was when I won my first World Title, fighting overseas in France. ..

Muay Thai has made me fit and healthy, it has helped me to travel and meet new people, and has kept me away from drugs. is willing to get tips for any good interviews of people involved with Muay Thai and related arts. Thanks for these tips for this time!

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