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Regional styles of traditional Muay

Eventually, Muay Boran (Muay Kaad Chuek) was divided various styles including:

  • Muay Korat (Muen Cha-ngad Choen Shok, Northeast) emphasized strength and is named after the place where the style originated, Na Khorat Rachasima. A technique like "Throwing Buffalo Punch" was used. It could supposedly defeat a buffalo in one blow.
  • Muay Lopburi (Muen Mue Maen Mud, Center region) emphasized movements. Its strong points were straight and counter punches.
  • Muay Paak Klang (central style of Muay Thai, also known as Bangkok Style)
  • Muay Chaiya (Muen Muay Mee Chue, South) emphasized posture and defense, as well as elbows and knees. Muay Chaiya originates from the city of Chaiya in the province of Surathani in the south of Thailand. The Muay Chaiya style was developed by a monk , Ajarn Por Tan Mar (Por Tan Mar), from the temple of Wat Tung Jab Chang so the style carries many Buddhist concepts amongst its teachings.
  • Muay Chaiyuth
  • Muay Maa Yang - another southern less know southern style.
  • Muay Pra Nakorn (know also as Muay Tah Sao, North) emphasized speed, particularly in kicking. Because of its faster speed, it was called as well "Ling Lom" (windy monkey or Loris). The style is also known as Muay Uttaradit named after the city of Uttaradit.
  • Muay Pala Sueksa

The art of Muay has developed in different ways in the various parts of Thailand, and thus the regional varieties in Muay Boran and  in Muay Thai can still be seen.

The great master of Muay Chaiya, Kru Kaet Sriyapai, the son of Praya Watjeesattayarak, said before the end of his life:

I have studied muay since I was 10 until I've reached the age of 70, and I've still got plenty to learn. So if someone says I'm skillful, I know everything, I believe that person can never reach the heart of muay.

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